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chandelier earrings - olivine
olivine swarovski crystal non-tarnish silver, lead and nickel-free, sterling silver ear wires..
cloudburst necklace - olivine, dusky pink, turquoise
olivine donut crystal, dusky pink and turquoise pearls. Dimensions: 19'' with 2'' extender ..
crochet wire bracelet - ivory, dusky pink, olivine
ivory, dusky pink, and olivine translucent glass pearls on non-tarnish silver wire. Dimension..
crochet wire bracelet - olivine, sky blue, turquoise
olivine, sky blue, and turquoise pressed glass, non-tarnish silver wire. Dimensions: 7" + 2..
crochet wire bracelet - pink, turquoise, olivine, montana
pink, turquoise, olivine, and montana czech fire polished crystal; non-tarnish copper w..
crystal cocktail ring - clear, olivine, deep teal
clear AB crystal drops; deep teal czech fire polished crystal and olivine pearl band. Di..
floating heart necklace - olivine
olivine AB crystal drop, extra-fine soldered 1mm silver-plated chain Dimensions: chain..
holly necklace - olivine swarovski crystal
olivine swarovski round crystal, silver rings, extra-fine soldered 1mm silver-plated chain Di..
in bloom bracelet - ivory, dusky pink, olivine
ivory, dusky pink, and olivine translucent glass pearls, 2 inch extender Dimensions: (L X W..
in bloom choker - assorted pearls
ivory, olivine, champagne, and dusky pink translucent glass pearls. Dimensions: 14"+ 2" ext..
jumble earrings - olivine, pink, grey, cream, turquoise
olivine, pink, and grey czech fire polished crystal, dusky pink, cream, and turquoise pearl. ..
jumble pendant - olivine, pink, grey, cream, turquoise
pink and grey fire polished crystal, turquoise, pink, and cream translucent glass pearls; oli..
jumble pendant - pink, grey, olivine
metallic pink and grey fire polished crystal, olivine translucent glass pearls; extra-fine solder..
jumble pendant - pink, olivine, labrador
pink pearl, olivine fire polished crystal, labrador hc preciosa crystal drop; extra-fine soldered..
jumble pendant - pink, tanzanite, olivine
pink and tanzanite swarovski rounds, olivine AB crystal drop; extra-fine soldered 1mm silver-plat..
knit circle pendant - sky blue, olivine, turquoise
sky blue, olivine, and turquoise pressed glass. Dimensions: necklace:  16" + 2" extend..
knit wire earrings - sky blue, turquoise, olivine
sky blue, turquoise, and olivine pressed glass on silver wire. non-tarnish silver and ear wir..
knit wire pendant - olivine, blue, turquoise
olivine, blue, and turquoise pressed glass, non-tarnish silver wire, extra-fine soldere..
silver crochet earrings - grey chip, pink, metallic,olivine,amethyst, clear drop
grey glass chip, olivine and pink pearl, metallic and pacific opal crystal, amethyst crystal ..
silver crochet earrings - olivine, grey, amethyst, white, clear
olivine pearl, snow white chip, smoke and metallic grey crystal, amethyst crystal blossom, clear ..
silver crochet earrings - silver, pink, amethyst, clear, olivine, jet
silver, metallic pink, amethyst crystal, olivine pearl, clear pressed glass, jet black crysta..
swirled silver ring - olivine, fucshia, grey
fucshia and grey czech fire polished crystal, olivine translucent glass pearl; non-tarnish s..
swirled silver ring - olivine, pink
olivine and pink czech fire polished crystal, dusky pink pearl, non-tarnish silver band. Dime..
swirled silver ring - pink, bronze pearl, olivine
pink and bronze pearl, olivine czech fire polished crystal; non-tarnish silver band. ..
wire wrapped daisy pendant - olivine, fuchsia
olivine czech fire polished donut crystal petals, fuchsia crystal centre; tiger tail necklace. ..
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