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jumble earrings

jumble earrings

Jumbles may be too simple a term... but it's what I've always called them.  A design cacophony of crystals, pearls, shells, and chips..  Thoroughly modern, ultra-classic.  No two are the same.  Also available as necklace pendants and bracelets.

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jumble earrings -  capri, pink, perriwinkle blue crystal
capri (a metallic bronze), pink, and perriwinkle blue czech fire polished crystal.  &nb..
jumble earrings - fuchsia, turquoise, taupe
fuchsia silver-lined druc, taupe bicone crystal, turquoise pearl. silver chain and ear wires,..
jumble earrings - ivory, fuchsia, turquoise
ivory translucent glass pearl, fuchsia AB swarovski bicone, turquoise pressed glass. silver c..
jumble earrings - montana, pink, turquoise, olivine crsytal
montana, pink, turquoise, and olivine Czech crsytal. silver chain and ear wires, lead and nic..
jumble earrings - olivine, pink, grey, cream, turquoise
olivine, pink, and grey czech fire polished crystal, dusky pink, cream, and turquoise pearl. ..
jumble earrings - pink, amethyst, fuchsia
pink and deep amethyst czech fire polished crystal, fuchsia AB swarovski bicone crystal. silv..
jumble earrings - pink, amethyst, taupe, ivory
pink, amethyst, taupe and ivory translucent glass pearls, czech fire polished crystal, and cats e..
jumble earrings - pink, grey, olivine
pink and grey czech fire polished crystal, olivine pearl. silver chain and ear wires, lead an..
jumble earrings - pink, ivory, blue, amethyst
dusky pink, ivory, and blue translucent glass pearl, amethyst pressed glass. silver chain and..
jumble earrings - pink, olivine, ivory, lilac, turquoise
pink and olive czech fire polished crystal, ivory translucent glass pearl, lilac cats eye, turquo..
jumble earrings - pink, periwinkle blue, lilac
pink, periwinkle blue, and lilac czech fire polished crystal. silver chain and ear wires, lea..
jumble earrings - pink, winter green, ivory
pink czech fire polished crystal, winter green and ivory translucent glass pearl. silver chai..
jumble earrings - soft amethyst, labrador, tanzanite
soft amethyst and labrador czech fire polished crystal, swarovski tanzanite round crystal. si..
jumble earrings - taupe, fuchsia, amber, and turquoise pearl
taupe, fuchsia, amber, and turquoise pearl.               ..
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