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About bumblebee

Liberating necks from the shackles of common jewelry, bumblebee is a fresh, yet classic, alternative to generic, mass made pieces.  Designed and handmade entirely by Katherine Flynn (me!).  bumblebee customers appreciate and seek fine things... have a look around and find something unique that suits your own style

History of bumblebee jewelry

bumblebee jewelry launched officially in September 2006 - but i've been designing and making jewelry for ages.  What started as a hobby blossomed into what can only be described as a passionate love affair... colour and design are everything, and i mean EVERYTHING to me.   bumblebee is steadily builging a name, and is more and more widely recognized for it's unique, whimsical, dreamy designs

About Katherine

I'm entirely self taught, and am very proud of that.  Also proud of the fact that I now teach others.  Design is everything to me.  I'm inspired by any and everything.  Designing jewelry is a complex thing – you’re creating a sculpture, an adornment, an emblem...  I obsess over colour, space, texture, balance... and I love putting unusual combinations of colours or materials together.


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